Human Resources Audits, Employee Incident Fact Finding and Investigation

Expert HR analysis prior to merger, aquisition, downsizing or reengineering can save you money and eliminate problems. If you don't have a profeesional, fulltime, Human Resources organization we can evaluate your processes and procedures.
HRAMS can help you meet your government reporting requirements--accurately and on time. HRAMS can help you endure conformance with your corporate polocies and procedures.

Your business must navigate successfully in a treacherous structure of legal conformance; legal recourse; Federal, state, and local requirements; and governmental reporting. We can review your policies, procedures, and practices to help you stay current and in compliance. HRAMS offers expertise and experience with these legal and governmental issues in areas of employment recordkeeping, privacy, wage and hour issues, independent contractor status, Workers Compensation, OSHA, harassment, EEO, discrimination, and termination.

Human Resources Audit
We can evaluate your strengths and areas of development opportunities through on-site examination of all your Human Resource functionality and process, and prepare a report with detailed analysis, priorities, and improvements.
Corporate Due Diligence
To help you meet your fiduciary responsibilities in obtaining full and meaningful objective and material disclosure of assets and liabilities in handling employee policies and procedures, HRAMS evaluates past and present practices. We project existing and potential issues to help assess the appropriate value of your company's Human Resource assets.