Total Compensation Systems

Make your compensation system attract the best for your company. Reward your peak performers with systems that match achievement to compensation.
Pay systems — more expensive than ever before. We can help you stay productive and competitive. Benefit systems — more complex than ever before. We can match a benefit system that matches your strategies and objectives.

Total Compensation comprises accurate, timely staging of your overall compensation plan, from executive-plan incentives to exempt, non-exempt salaried systems through to hourly rates for part-time or casual employees, or independent contractors. Compensation continues to evolve rapidly in the midst of corporate restructuring and the emergence of diverse staffing systems. Corporate downsizing and outsourcing — coupled with an emerging part-time / temporary labor pool — is creating a whole new approach to compensation. HRAMS understands this compensation evolution, and can tailor your total compensation program to your specific needs and requirements, and to develop a compensation policy that reinforces your company’s strategies in the marketplace.

Total Direct Compensation and Benefit Systems
The HRAMS Total Compensation approach enhances the internal effectiveness of your human resource programs. Analyzing, designing, and implementing effective compensation and benefit systems for both exempt and non-exempt employees is critical to the modern business’s economic survival. We analyze your organization and offer you a wide range of selections and choices for every part of your total compensation package.
Managing Compensation
Compensation is strategic in nature, comprising compensation philosophy, pay structures, incentive plans, compensation plan administration, and accurate, timely employee reward and communication. We look at the entire program, from a big-picture tactical viewpoint and from a detail-oriented implementation and administration approach.
Government Compliance Through Accurate Job Description and Evaluation We identify a methodology for analyzing jobs and job descriptions within the framework of your total organization. Many companies cannot objectively evaluate the internal and external worth of a specific job: we can help. HRAMS can redesign positions and job descriptions to fit even the most rapidly changing environments, as well as creating audit trails and keeping your organization in government compliance.
Direct Compensation and Variable Pay Plans
Base pay? Variable pay? Incentive pay? Scalable inventive programs? Any base- pay program has to begin by being cost-effective for the organization, and any incentive- pay program must equitably compensate personnel appropriately across all job levels. We’re experts in defining and implementing programs that work for your company.
Benefit Systems
HRAMS analyzes your existing benefit systems to determine if they meet your strategic goals in attracting, rewarding, and retaining your staff. This analysis helps you adapt your benefit systems to streamline expenses, to complement your direct compensation systems, and to match your systems to the most cost-effective short- and long-term cost/benefit analyses.