Conflict Resolution: Facilitation, Mediation and Arbitration

Resolve manage and staff conflicts to maintain morale and improve productivity. Effective, skilled mediation resolves employee conflicts and saves you money.
Arbitration is emerging to resolve conflicts without litigation. We’re skilled arbitrators. HRAMS meeting facilitation helps management and staff focus on business goals and targets.


Conflict Resolution
In today’s high-pressure business environment, conflict resolution is an essential ingredient in any effective human resource policy mix. HRAMS offers a variety of approaches and methodologies to conflict resolution, all tailored to deal appropriately with a variety of conflicts and improve employee performance, or to accurately document the process prior to termination. Our programs are all designed to quantitatively reduce your corporate legal exposure.
HRAMS can reduce overhead by facilitating employee performance and salary reviews, brainstorming and planning sessions, and more. We have experience and expertise with corporate and business goal-setting and team-building at all levels and for large and small organizations.
Facilitated Negotiation / Mediation
Whether it’s conflict between employee peers or supervisor and employee, or inter-departmental conflict, HRAMS provides discreet, skilled facilitation and mediation in even the most delicate, complex situations.
Mediation and Arbitration
Resolving workplace issues is difficult, problematic, and expensive; mediation and arbitration are emerging as the most effective, fairest problem-solving mechanism for today’s workplace. HRAMS provides mediation and arbitration skills and experience for virtually every business situation, including complaints and/or litigation of sexual harassment, wrongful discharge, national origin suits, racial discrimination, age iscrimination, gender discrimination, and more.