Why Outsource Human Resources?

What Human Resource Asset Management Systems, Ltd.
Means For Your Business...

Modern businesses often choose not to incur the overhead of an old-fashioned corporate infrastructure. Today, marketing, production, administration - especially Human Resources - are contracted to experts (outsourced) by companies that need to concentrate their full-time attention and resource on their core business. In the '90s, these companies continue to expand their outsourcing efforts. More of the workforce work part-time, with temporary assignments, at home, with short-term employment contracts, or as independent contractors. This phenomenon isn't attributable to any technology revolution, but to this primitive fact: employee overhead has never been more expensive, never been a greater percentage of operating costs. The modern, streamlined organization can't and doesn't want to implement long-term or permanent relationships when the same resources can be developed without incurring the expansive overhead of permanent staff.

How can you balance these two seemingly contradictory facts of modern business life?

Human Resource Asset Management Systems (HRAMS) offers a comprehensive range of skills, expertise, and experience for even the most intricate, diverse employment situations.

Keep Your Resources Concentrated on Your Core Business You're in the business of providing goods and services. Whether it's a medical practice, a soft entire gamut of HR needs and requirements. We can free up your executives and managers to concentrate on delivering products and services that match your business plan and your short- and long-term strategies. HRAMS can help you successfully navigate in these turbulent times.
A Modern Approach That Reduces Operating Costs Running “lean and mean” has become a cliché, but it is also a fact of modern business life. Outsourcing, downsizing, outplacement, reengineering, reductions in force - corporations, large and small, must know how to deal with day-to-day realities in a world fraught with litigation, legal conformance, shorter product life cycles, and rapidly changing, fickle climates. It costs money to attract, train, and retain a full-time HR staff with expertise in all these areas. HRAMS offers several lifetimes of experience and success to help you stay profitable.