Developing Your Employee/Customer Relationships

Develop ways to keep decision making close to the customer. Communication of the vision.
This starts at the top level of a company and filters down to all employees. Train in the basics. Provide necessary tools. Give feedback and get out of the way.

Linking Employee Performance to customer Relations.
We can develop a successful campaign to address the issues and goals you have in employee performance and customer relations to allow you company to succeed. This linkage allows for the development of behaviors that produce customer satisfaction, sales volume, and profitability, which can flow directly to the bottom line.
Feedback Loop Development.
You need a feedback loop that allows your customers' responses to immediately reward employee performance as well as to reinforce the behavior that you want not only from your customer but your employee. Yes, the customer is trainable.
Learning the Necessary Skill Sets.
We can develop for you skill sets of clienteling, communicating, conflict resolution, and decision making for your employees, so that these actions are driven right to where the customer meets the transaction to ensure employee success and customer satisfaction.
Working With Problem Customers.
We can help you develop and implement training programs to help your associates turn and unhappy or problem customer into a loyal, satisfied customer. We can help you create an environment to make your associate the "hero" by solving customer problems at the initial contact. We show you how to keep the associate engaged in creative problem solving, not running the manager at the first sign of difficulty. We help you entrust and empower your associates, developing them into decision-makers in every step of the process.