Risk Management

Workers Compensation claims are steadily rising. What can you do to control those claims? Are you getting the “best bang for the buck” with your employee benefit costs?
Is your liability coverage adequate? Is it the right coverage for your organization? Are your safety programs in compliance? Are those programs effective?

Workplace and Facilities Assessment
HRAMS can evaluate your workplace exposure, qualify and quantify that exposure, and help you make the right decisions about managing your existing and potential risk.
Risk Prevention
HRAMS designs programs for worker safety, OSHA compliance, and hazardous materials handling. HRAMS can determine policies and procedures for employee promotion, transfer, and termination; these policies are designed to reduce your risk exposure. HRAMS is experienced with Securities and Exchange Commission procedures and processes, and with intellectual property, copyrights, and protection programs for trademarks and service marks. We also work to reduce exposures in Commercial General Liability, including property, casualty, and key insurance for Directors and Officers.
Risk Transfer
HRAMS develops practices, and procedures that transfer risk to suppliers, contractors, or end users.
Risk Insurance
HRAMS designs insurance coverage, prepares RFPs, and participates in bidding processes, contract negotiations, program implementations, and period reviews, all toward reduction of risk and insurance costs.
Risk Retention
Risk retention is often overlooked. HRAMS helps you evaluate risk exposure and liability, determining the most cost-effective and fiscally prudent risk exposure to fund through your existing assets.