Staff Selection, Placement, Evaluation and Termination

Downsizing, outplacement, reengineering: difficult and emotional. We can make it easier to manage. Payroll is your single biggest overhead cost. We can help you get the right skills and experience at the right price.
Experience and skills at competitive rates are rare in today’s market. We help you evaluate and select the best people. Most companies don’t do any career planning until they need to downsize. We can help you solve problems before they become problems.

Staffing-Level Needs Assessment
We review and assess your staffing environment, including job analysis, salary costs, and industry comparisons. From this research and analysis, we develop a working profile of the needs and requirements that are unique to your organization.
Each company’s recruiting strategy is different, flavored for particular, unique needs. We can help you develop a recruiting program that takes advantage of the best internal and external resources while keeping your business competitive and your operating costs down.
Every business wants to hire the right person — the first time. We’ve developed a selection toolset to help every manager make the best selection for every position. This toolset includes meaningful application forms, job history search techniques, interviewing methods and mechanisms, screening processes, pre- and post-employment skills testing, drug screening, medical examinations, and more.
Employee Evaluation
Our programs help guide you through the various levels of employee evaluation, and provide a working template for managers and executives to accelerate and refine the evaluation process, and to make effective decisions on retaining employees, creating developmental plans for employees, or terminating employees.
Career Planning and Development
We evaluate your HR environment, working with individual needs and the needs of your organization, and design effective, attainable career paths for your employees.
HRAMS understands the requirements and processes for employee termination. We can answer your questions about these difficult, emotional management decisions.
For companies facing the difficult task of downsizing, HRAMS offers outplacement services to help ex-employees make the transition to new opportunities. We help remaining staff members traverse the difficulties of “surviving” the trauma of downsizing, and help those employees re-commit their loyalty to the organization. Our outplacement programs help you plan the transition, manage the transition, and evaluate the transition process. We’re experts in developing programs that make a difference.