Training and Development

Corporate change is more rapid, more pervasive than ever. HRAMS helps keep current and productive There are a lot of training programs out there - many are mediocre. HRAMS delivers results - and real value for every training dollar.
Developing, managing and administering training is a real resource drain. HRAMS manages your training from start to finish. Many companies offer generic training. HRAMS develops comprehensive cross-training programs that reinforce your corporate needs and objectives.

Training Needs Analysis
What kind of training does your company need? We can design a comprehensive program that fits your business and your budget.
Learning Principles and the Organization
Adult learning is different, and is emerging as an important tool for the modern American company. We show you how to work with adult learning characteristics and modify behavior to shorten learning curves and make sure everyone learns effectively and quickly.
Designing the Best Training
We develop training plans that help your employees achieve and exceed expectations, and we keep the training interesting and up-to-date for your business.
Training Within Your Organization
We tailor training programs to fit your business plan. HRAMS offers both strategic and tactical training to streamline your company to today’s rapidly changing business climate.
Selecting the Best Training for Your Organization
HRAMS is committed to delivering the training you need, including on-the-job training, college coursework, off-site training, vendor selection, source selection (college, graduate school, independent institution), or any appropriate combination.
Delivering the Training
Training methods, instructors, curricula, training materials, equipment, and facilities are all important elements of an effective program. We can help you select and manage what’s right for you.
Evaluating, Analyzing, and Improving the Training
Training programs must be fluid — changing with technology, business climates, and more. We never stop evaluating our programs; we work hard to keep these programs modern, meaningful, and effective.