Victoria Pokaluk

Vickie Pokaluk is a skilled executive With over 20 years of experience managing people, products, and organizations. Her sphere of expertise embraces the most aggressive levels of superior customer service, satisfaction and loyalty. She is known as an industry turnaround expert, taking ailing organizations and recasting them into vital, profitable enterprises. She has also built previously unprofitable Organizations into market leaders, doubling and even tripling revenue and profit in a single year.

She has managed the Joslins Department Store at Chapel Hills Mall; The Broadway Southwest, Westminster, and May D & F, Aurora. She served as a buyer for Macy's Kansas City, traveling the garment trades centers of New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Tokyo, and Hong Kong. At May D & F, she moved the store from fourth to second place in division profitability. At Broadway Southwest, Vickie turned around a last-place store to number one in percentage increase over budget plan. At her next Broadway Southwest assignment, she turned around an unprofitable outlet and the store recorded its first ever-profitable year. Her store led the nationwide organization in improving the credit card base, and in her second year, the store led the nation in customer service improvement.

Vickie designed and implemented organizational designs that rebuilt confidence in the business, reclaimed disaffected employees, and delivered profit to the bottom line. Although it may seem contradictory, she had been both an agent of change and an agent of stability: change rebuilding broken business and business culture and stability in shoring up the employees and customers that make a business thrive and grow.

These achievements demonstrate Vickie's management and organization skills. She is adept at building exceptionally talented teams, even from the most dysfunctional organizations. As a manger, her employee turnover rates were always lower than industry averages, and she maintained a solid core of experienced, loyal staff, even in the midst of recession and difficult business climates.

Vickie is a recognized expert in assessing Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). Her customer service achievements have been superlative, building customer care into a linear success story from first delivering solid product quality supported by 100% customer service, which provides customer satisfaction, which builds customer loyalty. Vickie has built a thread of customer service that can be implemented across any organization in any industry. During her Broadway Southwest tenure, she implemented an overarching program, "What Great Service means to the Customer." She had developed supplemental programs such as, Clientleing, Incentive Awards, Shopping Services, Mystery Shopping Analysis, and many others.

Vickie attended the University of Missouri. In addition to her management organization-building experience, Vickie is a skilled facilitator and problem-solver in both large and small groups, at staff, management and executive levels. She has served as an arbitrator for the Better Business Bureau. She is currently a member of the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors of the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce. She serves as an advisory council member of the Women Owners, Mangers, Executives Network (WOMEN). She is a member of the Network Exchange for Women, the National Association of Female Executives, the Colorado Springs Customer Service Association, the National Speakers Association and the Colorado Speakers Association.

Vickie also finds time to give back to the community. She has been a major corporate advocate and contributor to the United Way Fund. With all her work in business, as well as her community and charity involvement, Vickie finds time to create and maintain a world-class garden. The Miracle-Gro company formally recognized her garden by taping Vickie for a nationally broadcast radio commercial hosted by James Whitmore, acclaimed actor and longtime Miracle-Gro spokesman.

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